Kitchen remodels

It’s been a busy winter and now spring for kitchen remodels!  We’ve done quite a few.  I’ve included our most recent one from this season. The job still has a few finishing touches to be at final completion like the pendant light that has not yet arrived so it has not been installed in the ceiling,  We  re-textured the ceiling to move the light to center over the island.  It was then painted with ceiling white flat paint. The walls were done in Benjamin Moore Aura eggshell – which I love for kitchen walls because it’s sooo washable.  The color is Ben Moore Honeywheat. We thought the color might be a little bright at first but it looked great. The kitchen cabinet were from Dream Kitchens in Nashua, NH.  The beadboard was painted to match the kitchen cabinets and Ben Moore white down was perfect.  Mary7

Deck refinishing

Decks painting
Amherst NH Deck

This is our latest deck project before and after.  The deck was chemically treated and then pressure washed to remove all mold and mildew.

It was left to dry for a little over a week and then it was sanded.  A special primer was used on the bare wood to prevent future peeling of the paint that was not currently failing and to protect the raw wood.

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat stain in Coventry Gray color was then applied to the deck surface.  The railing system was done with white primer followed by Benjamin Moore white soft gloss exterior paint for a finish coat.  Now it’s ready for the graduation party!

How to choose a painting contractor

Spring is here and it’s time to get out and look at your home and see what needs to be done.  If it’s time to paint your home, you’re probably wondering how to choose a good painting contractor and like most people, you’re concerned about cost.

So how do you find a good painting contractor without breaking the bank?  Well first of all, sorry to say, price should not be your primary focus.  A badly done paint job that saved you a few hundred dollars this year could cost you thousands of dollars down the road.  Prep work and product selection is key and you want to be sure to use a contractor with a history of doing good work.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find such a contractor. A contractors years of experience really does matter. Ask at the local paint store, they usually know who is good and they hear complaints from customers who have had bad experiences.   All prep should include pressure washing, scraping, sanding, and spot priming or a full prime.

Many exterior painting contracts include materials in the price without specifying the exact product and I stress exact.  Many painting contracts will include for example “Ben Moore” paint, but which Ben Moore paint? Is it the contractor grade, SuperSpec or is it high end Aura?  The price difference and quality is significant, gallon price of $20’s vs $60’s.  A swing of $40.00 per gallon on an entire home can make a big difference in your overall pricing ($400.00 to $600.00)  Each painting contractor has a preferred product that has worked best over time so be sure to ask.  Job longevity is an important factor.  You should expect to get 3-5 years on a stain job and 5-7 on paint.

Method of application is another factor that makes a difference in cost.  Spray applications are usually less costly than hand painting.  There are homes that should be sprayed, but most homes will have the best result if they are hand painted.  Why?  Because spraying is all about the guy behind the gun.  If he is experienced and does his job well, great, but if he doesn’t, the result will not show up immediately but will show up as the job ages.  Uneven spraying will show up as areas of high and low paint builds.  Hand painting is the best way to insure even coverage.  The method is a bit slower, but we believe it offers the best result.

For more information on paint, paint quality, color and design, check out The Paint Quality Institute at