In New England, your home’s interior is highly utilized. People generally want interior spaces to be functional and welcoming. Nothing impacts a room’s walls, ceiling or trim like fresh paint.

Church Interior Painting

Express yourself with color! Painting is a cost effective and practical upgrade. Elegance is achieved through technique and color.

Interior painting is an inexpensive way of increasing the value of your home. In addition, color changes can enhance interior lighting, mood, and perceived spacing. .

We know that surface preparation is the most important step in achieving a beautiful and durable interior painting project.  When you work with us you can expect that all areas or objects not to be painted will be covered or relocated. Glossy surfaces will be lightly sanded, separations will be caulked, and wall imperfections will be properly spackled and sanded to a smooth finish.

We take pride in helping you make color selections to achieve the excellent quality job you dream of for your home.

Latex and waterborne paint products are the sensible choice for interior applications, offering low fumes, quick drying times, and elasticity.

Oil paints certainly still have applications in interior projects; however, oil paints do tend to yellow over time. Also, due to EPA regulations, oil paints are quickly disappearing from the market.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding pricing, material, workmanship and project procedures

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